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Dr. Grossman is dedicated to providing his patients with world-class dental care. In these Dr. Gerald B. Grossman reviews, patients reflect on their experiences. He has helped change the lives of many patients and can help restore health and aesthetics to your smile.

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Patient 1: The minute I came into the office I was so impressed with the staff and with him. They are all courteous and very kind individuals, and Dr. Grossman is an outstanding professional. He is, as far as I'm concerned, an expert in dentistry. Patient 2: I noticed that his walls are covered in art and later found out that every picture that is taken in the office is signed by him and taken by him. So it shows me that his love for art is taken to his love for dentistry. Patient 3: I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, and Dr. Grossman said, "I want you to think about it and take your time." Somebody had recommended that I just talk to someone else. And when I had gone to that office, they were pushing me, "Do your teeth. Do your teeth." And I realized that there was no way that I could ever use anyone but Dr. Grossman. He has taken such wonderful care of me. I am so proud of my teeth, and I have to tell you that many, many times people will say to me, "Oh, you have such a nice smile." They never say to me, "You have great teeth." Just that you have a nice smile. And I know it's because of the wonderful job that was done in this office. And I thank Dr. Grossman very much. Patient 1: When you're in that dental chair, you do not leave until everything is perfect. Patient 2: I tend to smile a lot more. If you ever see any of my pictures, you will see that I am showing a lot more teeth. My friends have said to me that my entire persona, my outlook and everything else has been a lot more positive since I've had my cosmetic dentistry. Patient 3: So I have to say that it's because of Dr. Grossman's fabulous work. He is so detailed. If he doesn't like something, it goes back, and he had to do it this time. So I thank you and the staff. This is a wonderful office, and I would highly recommend to anybody to come to Dr. Grossman. Thank you. Patient 2: I feel a lot more comfortable taking pictures and smiling and showing teeth. If I were to describe Dr. Grossman's work, it would be he is the da Vinci of dentistry.

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"Absolutely amazing!! Movie star teeth and smile. Dr Grossman is the da Vinci of cosmetic dentistry! Evelyn his assistant is simply the best! Love this practice and the entire staff. Thank you for changing my life!"

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